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Heavy Duty Band Sealing Machine – Head Adjustable

  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Heavy duty band sealing technology
  • Variable speed
  • PID temperature controls
  • Easy lift front cover
  • Mobile base
  • Adjustable
  • Clean and durable
  • Optimum seal quality and performance
  • Ease of matching conveyor speeds and flexibility
  • Accurate and consistent sealing temperature
  • Quick access to all component
  • Simple set up and adjustment
    Options & Accessories:
  • Variety of optional volume measuring devices to suit your application needs
  • Optional hand-held or omni-directional automatic bar code scanners
  • Customer-specific interlock signals and operational controls allowing easy integration via PLC
  • Access by means of GARV-ENS React (Remote Access Tool)
  • Modular structure allows flexible mechanical system design
  • Application specific software to suit your specification
  • Multifunctional operations for speed and directions
  • Inventory and batching control terminals & high samples rate up to 70 samples per second