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Linear weigh filling machine

Inpaklinear weigh filling machines may lack in speed, they make up for in reliability and simplicity. These linear weighers can be made to suit a wide range of products, including bulky and large piece products.

The Inpaklinearweigher is available as a 1,2,3 or 4 lane machine, some with either small or large weigh hoppers depending on the size and target weights of your products.

Machine will run reliably and accurately at up to 50 weighs per minute.

This speed is based on a 4 lane, small hopper machine running at 250g target weights. Speeds are affected by target weight, inconsistent product feeding, product type and viscosity.


  • Available in Single or Multi-Lane Models
  • Heavy-duty Vibratory Feeders with Stainless Steel Feeder Pans
  • Removable Contact Parts for Easy Cleaning and Changeover
  • Complete high-precision automatic weighing system
  • Servo motor driven pull belts
  • PLC based, 7 inch touch screen parameter adjustment
  • Pneumatically operated horizontal sealing jaws
  • PID digital temperature control
  • Motorized film unwinding system
  • Encoder bag length control
  • Photo cell for bag eye-mark registration
  • One forming assembly for fast changeover bag size, no tools need.
  • Safety guard with safety switch
  • Air regulator, filter and lubricator
  • Automatic pneumatic air purge
  • Recipe Storage of over 30 Parameters for 10 Jobs

Speed* 20~60 Pouch/min
Power Supply** AC 440V, 60/50Hz, Three Phase
Compressed Air 6~8 Psi
N2 Pressing** Optional
Filling Method *** Weigh  matric

Filling Heads***

2 to 6 Heads
Accuracy* + / - 0.5 to 1.5Gms
Filling Range*** 100gm to 2000gm
Control System** Delta PLC,HMI, Allen Bradley PLC, HMI
Packaging Material** LD / Bonding / Nylon Bonding / Prime Core / Laminated

Real Diameter

450 to 600mm

Level Sensor** Optional ( Ultra Sonic Sensors )
Hopper Size** 50 to 80 kg
Electrical Specification** Servo Motor 0.75 KW / 440 Volts  / 50 Hz
Induction Motor 0.4 KW / 440 volts / 50 Hz
Machine Weight 980 kg (Approx.)
Gross Weight 1100 kg (Approx.)
Size** 2400 X 1900 X 2900
Optional Extra** Takeoff Conveyor, Coding, Batch Cutting
Height of Collection Pouch  from floor** 360 mm to 910 mm..
* Depends on Material, Filling Range. 
** We can supply as per customer requirements. 
*** With help of change parts.