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Modular Conveyors

Our extensive Inpak range of Plastic modular belt conveyors suit many industries from bakeries to material handling distribution centres.
Used in many arduous environments from sub zero conditions up to temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. They are especially useful for heavy side loading or off loading along its length. The direct sprocket drive ensures no tracking problems, whatever the belt width or length. It also eliminates any belt slippage and because it allows the belt to run loose dramatically reduces load on the drive shaft bearings. This in turn reduces power requirements. With the all round low friction properties of these conveyors the outstanding feature must be long life expectancy with minimal maintenance.
  • Belts are available in many different profiles and materials to suit almost every application.
  • Positive direct sprocket drive ensures no tracking problems.
  • Robust heavy duty belt types resistant to cuts and hot products.
  • Available in many belt configurations, flat-top, perforated, slotted, flighted and grip top.
  • Damaged belts can easily have individual slats replaced.
  • These machines can be constructed with stainless steel framework making it ideally suited to the food industry where wash down situations are a regular requirement.
  • These belts are even available with rollers in to achieve product accumulation.
  • Standard material types: Polypropylene (PP) for use in many general applications. Polyethylene (PE), another lightweight thermoplastic, is characterized by superior fatigue resistance, high impact strength, and flexibility. Acetal (PA) thermoplastics are considerably stronger than PP and PE. Acetal features a good balance of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties and a low coefficient of friction.
Technical Specifications:



3m to 20m /min

Power Supply**

AC 440V, 60/50Hz, 3 Phase

Belt Material**

PP/Nylon/Teflon ( Easy to Wash And Clean )

Belt Thickness**


Belt Width**

100mm to 800mm

Distance between Axes / Length**

1000mm to 6000mm

Machine Weight Per Mtrs

200 kg (Approx.)

Gross Weight Per Mtrs

240 kg (Approx.)

Geared Motor Position**

Left or Right

Belt Rotation**

Left to Right

Electrical Specification**


0.75 kw / 440 Volts / 50 Hz.

Total Belt Load**

Up to 500kg

Height of Conveyor from floor**

860 mm to 910 mm.

* Depends on Choose of Motor , Length, and Drive

** We can supply as per customer requirements. 

*** Change the Speed With help of Drive