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Multi head weigh filling machine

Inpak multi head weigh filling  machines are extremely accurate, fast, efficient and extremely reliable, they are also capable of working with a large range of products and product types and they have been designed to be extremely simple to setup and operate! These machines will also suit a wide range of products.

The Inpakmultiheadweigher is available as standard or with dimpled contact surfaces to help move damp or sticky products and will run reliably and accurately at up to 100 weighs per minute. Speeds are affected by target weight, inconsistent product feeding, product type and viscosity.

Suitable for automatic weight packaging requirement of various of material in piece and grains. Such as puffed food, potato chips, frozen foods, frozen foods, biscuits, dried fruits, pet food, hardware, and so on.

Speed* 30~90 Pouch/min
Power Supply** AC 440V, 60/50Hz, Three Phase
Compressed Air 6~8 Psi
N2 Pressing** Optional
Filling Method *** Weigh  matric

Filling Heads***

6 to 14 Heads
Accuracy* + / - 0.5 to 1.5Gms
Filling Range*** 100gm to 1000gm
Control System** Delta PLC,HMI, Allen Bradley PLC, HMI
Packaging Material** LD / Bonding / Nylon Bonding / Prime Core / Laminated

Real Diameter

450 to 600mm

Level Sensor** Optional ( Ultra Sonic Sensors )
Hopper Size** 50 to 110 kg
Electrical Specification** Servo Motor 0.75 KW / 440 Volts  / 50 Hz
Induction Motor 0.4 KW / 440 volts / 50 Hz
Machine Weight 980 kg (Approx.)
Gross Weight 1100 kg (Approx.)
Size** 2400 X 1900 X 2900
Optional Extra** Takeoff Conveyor, Coding, Batch Cutting
Height of Collection Pouch  from floor** 360 mm to 910 mm..

   Note :

* Depends on Material, Filling Range. 
** We can supply as per customer requirements. 
*** With help of change parts.