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Powder packing machine –vffs for powder

            Inpak provide machinery specifically for dosing and packing powdery products into sealed bags. This item includes the basic range VFFS Bagging Machine with an Auger Filler and Auger Conveyor with hopper.By combining these machines, this item is effectively a near complete packing line.Product is placed in the hopper at the foot of the auger conveyor, which is then driven up to the auger on top of the bagging machine which is then fed into the bagging machine which creates and seals the product into a laminate bag.

The Basic Range Vertical Form Fill Seal bagging machine is a mid-range machine designed for filling and sealing laminate film bags for a variety of product types.

This machine comes with a printer and single forming set (made to size requirement) as standard and is the ideal machine for packing both food and non-food items due to its robust stainless steel construction.

Complete with a 5.7" touch screen control panel for ease of use and a large range of optional extras, this vertical form fill seal packaging machine is an ideal starting point for most standard sized applications.

Jaws for sealing polythene film bags can be purchased separately for this machine.

The Inpak vertical form fill and seal machine series Flexi Bag 300 and 400 can produce pilow, gusseted, standup and stable pouches. The jaw movement is achieved by a digitally controlled pneumatic or AC Servo Motor.
The Flexibag  machines are ideal when multiple number of SKU’s are to be packed on a single machine - at speeds up to 90 filled-bags/min. Our  modular design platform allows for solutions at different price points while ensuring upgradability whenever your production requirements demand it.


  • Pneumatically or Servo motor operated cross seal jaws.
  • Pulling belts driven by AC servo motor and universal joints.
  • Closed E-structure Frame Construction.
  • One piece film former.
  • Industrial PC, color touch screen.
  • Capacity to program Data for 100 items.
  • Machine functions integrated in the screen.
  • Automatic detection of faults in the sealing temperatures and air pressure of the machine, guaranteeing a good seal each time.
  • Horizontal seal obstruction detection.
  • Key controlled Access to different operator level.
  • Automatic detection for the end of film roll.
  • Motorized centering of film roll holders.
  • Easy interface with peripheral equipment.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with Safety regulations.
Speed* 30~90 Pouch/min
Power Supply** AC 440V, 60/50Hz, Three Phase
Compressed Air 6~8 Psi
N2 Pressing** Optional
Filling Method *** Volumetric ( Auger)  or weigh  matric
Accuracy* + / - 1 %
Filling Range*** 5gm to 2000gm
Control System** Delta PLC,HMI, Allen Bradley PLC, HMI
Packaging Material** LD / Bonding / Nylon Bonding / Prime Core / Laminated

Real Diameter

450 to 600mm

Hopper Size** 50 to 110 kg
Electrical Specification** Servo Motor 0.75 KW / 440 Volts  / 50 Hz
Induction Motor 0.4 KW / 440 volts / 50 Hz
Machine Weight 780 kg (Approx.)
Gross Weight 600 kg (Approx.)
Size** 1800 X 1200 X 1000
Optional Extra** Takeoff Conveyor, Coding, Batch Cutting
Height of Collection Pouch  from floor** 360 mm to 910 mm..

* Depends on Material, Filling Range. 
** We can supply as per customer requirements. 
*** With help of change parts.