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Tin Seaming Machines

Inpak irregular can seamers have become the can seaming machines of choice for fish, meat & vegetable,ghee,oil canneries worldwide.Can Seamer for Irregular shaped cans like square, rectangular, oval, etc

The Can with the Lid (End) to be seamed is placed on the lifter plate and the pedal is fully pressed and released. The Can is lifted to the Seaming Chuck and the seaming operation begins. After completion, the lifter plate with the seamed Can are automatically brought down to the rest position.

The machine can be fitted with a Control Panel with Push Buttons and a Pneumatic Lifting system doing away with the mechanical pedal.

Also Used for seaming Capacitors and other similar applications
  • Semi-Automatic, foot-pedal operation
  • Economically and functionally ideal Canner or Can manufacturer seamer.
  • Can remains stationary during seaming
  • Quick changeover of sizes
  • 4 roller Can seaming ensures consistent and proper seaming
  • Easy adjustment of Seam parameters
  • Ability to accept a wide range of Can Diameters and Heights
  • Seaming Heads and Arms Jig Bored for precision
    Machine features:
  • It is specifically used for sealing various irregular cans, diagonal:50-520mm
  • It has a compact structure and adopts compression spring reset to reduce noise and make the lifetime longer.
  • The adjustment and die change are convenient
  • The wheels are durable with double-sided slotted roller.
  • The sealing mold adopts high alloy steel and is durable.
Technical Specifications:



20-~40 Can/min

Power Supply**

AC 440V, 60/50Hz, 3 Phase

Compressed Air

6 to 8 bar

Container Height **

500mm (max)

Sheet Thickness**

0.9mm (max)

Machine Weight

1400 kg (Approx.)

Gross Weight

1650 kg (Approx.)


2400 x 1050 x 1150 mm

Electrical Specification**

Seaming Motor

2HP / 1440 rpm

Height of Conveyor from floor**



* Depends on vial size, Can size and type of Can or Tin.

** We can supply as per customer requirements.