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Truck loading conveyor

Inpak Mobile Vehicle Loaders, are ideal, if, you have no loading bayor raised dock. Truck Loading Conveyors, are highly versatile. These conveyors require very little space and can be easily moved to load or unload vehicles in different locations. Catering for all types of vehicle you can choose from our compact model suitable for vans, or our telescopic loader for lorries and large trailers up to 12 meters. We provide many models and options to choose with height adjustment.
  • Low cost, simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance and operation, diversified, suitable under all kinds of environment.
  • Easily portable
  • Suitable for various vehicles, from small vans to large trailers
  • Equipped with Hydraulic cylinder and power pack for variable height adjustments up to 3 meters (10 feet) for Belt
  • Conveyors and up to 6 meters (20 – 25 feet) for Stackers.
  • Mounted on Solid molded tyres / castor wheels / toe bar for easy and fast in-house mobility.
  • Save Time, Energy & Money
  • Efficient & Productive System
  • Portable & Movable System
  • Quick Delivery Commitment
  • Increase Work Efficiency
  • Decrease Labour Intensity
  • Cut Down Cost
  • Fill up a 40 Feet Container in only one hour with 3 men
  • Flexible for use at multiple locations
  • Reduces vehicle turnaround time
  • Allows for higher volume throughout
Technical Specifications:



3m to 8m /min

Power Supply**

AC 440V, 60/50Hz, 3 Phase

Belts **

Skid proof Belt Pvc, Rubber, Roller, MS / SS Slat

Height Adjustments**


Object Of using Adjustment**

Screw Or Hydraulic

Conveyor Width**

200mm to 800mm

Distance between Axes / Length**

1000mm to 6000mm

Conveyor Angle**

0 to 75 degree

Machine Weight

600 kg (Approx.)

Gross Weight

710 kg (Approx.)

Geared Motor Position**

Left or Right

Rotating Direction**

Left to Right

Electrical Specification**


2HP / 440 Volts / 50 Hz

Total Belt Load**

Up to 350kg

Height of Conveyor from floor**

400 mm to 600 mm


* Depends on Choose of Motor , Length, and Drive

** We can supply as per customer requirements. 

*** Change the Speed With help of Drive