Batter Filling Machine


This heavy-duty batter-filling machine has one or two heads. The filling system of this machine is a piston filling with a pneumatic and L port ball valve. The tank storage capacity of the overhead tank is 20 to 35 litres. The construction of this machine is made with stainless steel SS-304 or SS-316. The body of the machine has a matte finish which can be easily maintained.

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Model No:IP-LFM-20 (SS-304)
Filling Heads:1 Heads
Output / Min:06 to 20 FPM Depends of the operator speed of fill volume and nature flow of Liquid
Power Characteristics:240v 1 Phase 50Hz 3 Wire System
Air:5 to 6 cfm (Customer scope)
Filling System:Piston filling with pneumatic and L port ball valve
Fill Range:500 ml, 1000 ml with half of change parts
Filling Accuracy:± .5 to 1 % Filling accuracy on single dose Depends of the nature of liquid
Tank Storage Capacity:Overhead tank of 20 to 35 lit. Capacity
Machine Construction:Stainless steel SS-304 or SS-316 (optional)
Net Weight:280 kgs
Machine Length:640mm X 755mm X 1600mm


  • Volumetric Liquid Filling system & Nozzle driving System
  • It is widely used for batter filling and optional of milk, oil, oinment, shampoo, juice, liquor, perfume, wine, food product filling – in Bag, Jar, Can, vial, Bottle, Tub & any Containers.
  • The unit can be quickly dismantled for the maintenance just by opening front cover
  • Easy way to clean
  • Each and every part can be attended for cleaning operation of manitenance without any hindrance
  • S.S 304 elegantly matt finished body
  • A unit to fill variety of Liquid and can be used for various type bag or containers.

A batter filling machine is widely used for batter filling and optionally for milk, oil, ointment, shampoo, juice, liquor, perfume, wine, and filling of certain food products in the bag, jar, can, vial, bottle, tub or any other container. The unit used for filling the batter or any other product can be dismantled for maintenance just by opening the front cover. This allows the easier cleaning of the machine. Each and every part can be attended to for cleaning operations or maintenance without any hindrances.  Therefore there isn’t much need for the maintenance of the machine.  Since the external body of the machine has a matte finish, wiping the outer surface with a clean wet cloth will make the machine as good as new. We provide you with the best range of batter filling machines which perform effectively.

The heavy-duty, Single/Double head piston liquid filler can be used for all types of liquids, and creams, pastes, gels, etc. containing particle matter up to 7/8 in diameter. Volumes dispensed can range from 200 to 1000 ml per cycle, depending on the model selected. During a filing cycle, the product piston travels back to draw the product from the hopper into a precision machined cylinder, then extends forward to fill. The Batter Filling line is made up of machines that work in unison to pack the batter material into a container. The product is dispensed into the bag or container through a filling nozzle and/or cutoff device.  The application of this batter-filling machine is huge. It can be used for filling ghee, and vegetable oil. Rice batter, butter, pickles, jams, high-viscosity liquids, lubricant oil, juice, shampoo, yogurt, paste, edible oil, glue and much more. 

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