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The Fruit & Vegetable pack IP-FV-850 is a unique semi-automatic packaging machine for round shape and non shape vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, endive, broccoil, cauliflower etc. The product is wrapped tightly in Polypropylene or Ploystyrene film, leaving no surplus film around the product.The product is protected from damage and the round shape package enhances its appearance, This new model IP-FV-850-Mini is probably one of the smallest VFFS machines available but still able to pack product up to 1kg. If floor space is at a premium, this would be the ideal choice machine. All this is achieved in a floor space of 1.1m x 1.6m. Although mini in size, the machine can be synchronised for all product feeders and can accommodate all the features of a larger machine, such as block bottom, quad seal, gas flushing and film web control.

  • prodAppliArea_imagesVegetables
  • All types of fruits and vegetables
  • Cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Cluster Beans, Capsicum,
  • French Beans, Mushrooms, Onion, Peas, Patato, Pumpkin,
  • Tapioca, Tomato, Salad leaves, Spring onions, Drumstick, Lemon,
  • Banana, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple


Operating panel:Via MMI screen
Material filling system:Manual or Optional Motor with encoder
Paper pulling:Induction motor with encoder
Filling range:Up to 700gms
Power supply:2Kw/220V 50Hz
Capacity:10-25 pcs/min
Bag length:50-500mm
Bag width:Max. 180mm
Bag height:Max. 300mm (Adjustable)
Film thickness:0.02 – 0.05mm
Fill material:OPP, CPP, PET etc, Single layer
Dimension (L x W x H):2320 x 1150 x 1350mm


  • PLC Control with MMI
  • Our unique mechanical design with planetary drives system for film feed systems allows for accurate positioning and easy adjustment.
  • Paper cutting position and web tracking can be adjustable.
  • Detachable perplex and stainless steel guards. For easy fault finding.
  • Machine has two film shaft in order to exchange film easily.
  • The horizontal sealing can be set single cutter or double cutter.
  • The cutter is designed for lubricant relieving, so no lubricant required for cutter maintenance.
  • A photo sensing device stops machine automatically in the event, there is no products in delivery collar.
  • All Rectro-reflect sensor pepperl+fuchs make.
  • Heat seal at the bottom of the product.
  • Short heat up time.
  • No air compressor needed.
  • Adjustable tightness of packaging.

Inpak Solutions is a prominent and leading manufacturer of fruits and vegetable packing machines in India. The fruits and vegetable packing machines has a distinctive mechanical design for film feed systems, planetary motors enabling precise placement and simple adjustment. The users also have the option to adjust the paper-cutting position. The body of the machine is made up of stainless steel and has a total weight of 480 kilograms. In case there are no products in the delivery collar of the machine due to the photo-sensing device present, the machine stops automatically. It only takes a few minutes for the machine to heat up. It is also available with adjustable tightness for food packaging.

The fruits and vegetable packing machines from Inpak is a special semi-automatic packaging equipment for round and irregularly shaped vegetables, including lettuce, cabbage, endive, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. There is no extra film left around the goods since it is securely wrapped in polypropylene or polystyrene film. Despite being small, the machine can accommodate all product feeders and has all the characteristics of a bigger machine, including block bottoms, quad seals, gas flushing, and film web management. The machine can pack 10 to 25 packages per minute and thus greatly reduces the production period.

A fruits and vegetable packing machines is used to pack food products for distribution, storage, and sale. With the help of our food packaging machines, you can increase the speed and accuracy of packaging, reduce the amount of labour required, and increase production output. By reducing labour costs and increasing production efficiency, this machine greatly aids in leading to cost savings for the industry. This machine also helps to maintain the freshness and quality of food products, reducing the risk of spoilage or contamination.

We also specialise in the other packaging machine sectors, including reel wrapping machines, vegetable packing machines, Liquid filling machine, vacuum packing machines, and shrink bundling machines. All of the machines that Inpak manufactures are extremely dependable and consistent in the task at hand; they were created with the intent to fulfil every need and satisfy the specifications of all relevant industries.

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