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Inpak's Liquid Filling Machine, Model No: IP-LFM-20 (SS-304), is a reliable solution for your liquid packaging needs. With one filling head and a output ranging from 6 to 20 fills per minute, it adapts to your production pace. Operating on a 240V 1-phase 50Hz 3-wire system, it's efficient and compatible with most setups. Air requirement is minimal, just 5 to 6 cfm (customer-supplied). Equipped with a 20 to 35-liter overhead tank, it ensures uninterrupted operation. Constructed from durable stainless steel SS-304 (with SS-316 optional), it's built to last. The total weight of the machine is 280kg.

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Model No:IP-LFM-20 (SS-304)
Filling Heads:1 Heads
Output / Min:06 to 20 FPM Depends of the operator speed of fill volume and nature flow of Liquid
Power Characteristics:240v 1 Phase 50Hz 3 Wire System
Air:5 to 6 cfm (Customer scope)
Filling System:Piston filling with pneumatic and L port ball valve
Fill Range:500 ml, 1000 ml with half of change parts
Filling Accuracy:± .5 to 1 % Filling accuracy on single dose Depends of the nature of liquid
Tank Storage Capacity:Overhead tank of 20 to 35 lit. Capacity
Machine Construction:Stainless steel SS-304 or SS-316 (optional)
Net Weight:280 kgs
Machine Length:640mm X 755mm X 1600mm


  • Volumetric Liquid Filling system & Nozzle driving System
  • It is widely used for batter filling and optional of milk, oil, oinment, shampoo, juice, liquor, perfume, wine, food product filling – in Bag, Jar, Can, vial, Bottle, Tub & any Containers.
  • The unit can be quickly dismantled for the maintenance just by opening front cover
  • Easy way to clean
  • Each and every part can be attended for cleaning operation of manitenance without any hindrance
  • S.S 304 elegantly matt finished body
  • A unit to fill variety of Liquid and can be used for various type bag or containers.

A liquid filling machine is used to fill containers with a liquid product, such as a liquid food, beverage, or wine. The device manufactured by Inpak has a stainless steel body which can be easily dismantled for maintenance just by opening the cover. Hence it is effortless to clean the machine. It is widely used to fill any liquid and optional milk, oil, ointment, shampoo, juice, perfume, wine and other food products in a bag, jar, can, vial bottle, tub or container. The overall weight of the machine is 280 kg. The capacity of the overhead tank is 20 – 30 litres capacity. The product piston extends forward to fill after travelling backwards during a filling cycle to pull the product from the tray into a precisely machined cylinder. The liquid is packed into a container by a group of machines on the liquid filling line. The product is loaded into the bag or container through a filling nozzle and/or cutoff mechanism..                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Liquid filling machines can fill containers quickly and accurately, which can increase production speeds and decrease labour costs. A liquid-filling machine can ensure that each container is filled with the same amount of liquid, which can improve product consistency and reduce waste. These machines can reduce the chance of contamination by using no-touch filling methods and by sealing containers securely. It can be cost-effective in the long run, as the cost of labour, materials and the risk of human error is reduced. These machines can easily scale up or down to meet the production needs of a business. The machine can also provide greater accuracy than manual filling methods, ensuring that the desired amount of product is dispensed every time.

We never compromise on quality because we are one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of these liquid filling machines. As a result, we commit to using the best raw materials on the market. These devices are used in industries of the economy that deal with liquid packing. The provided machine is one of the top options on the market due to its functionality and industry-leading price.

The top manufacturer of other similar machines required to meet the demands of the industrial sectors is Inpak. The machines that are produced are of unmatched quality and extreme durability. Other packaging machinery produced by Inpak includes equipment for vacuum packaging, automatic capping machineshrink bundling for wood and paper etc,.

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