Round Bottle Labeling


Inpak IP-FL-100 front and back automatic labeling machine used a touch screen control system for easy setting, high speed, high stability & accurate labeling to be distinguished by its excellent production efficiency in combination with low investment costs, outstanding product characteristic and higher industry competitive capability.

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Supply Voltage:220/110 VAC 50/60hz 1Phase
Power Consumption:900VA
Dispensing Speed:30m/min max
Conveyor Speed:30m/min max.
Applicator Height:150mm / 200mm
Label Size:150mm / 300mm max
Convey Width:110mm
Spool Diameter:76mm
Dimension:2400mm(L) x 1500mm(W) X 1400mm(H)
Lable Type:Oval, Round, Cuboid, Rectangle, Cylinder, Tapered Cylinder, Medical Labelling, Tamper Evident labelling & Taperes Cylinder etc.
  • Precise Labelling Steady Controlling
  • Modular Design
  • Flexible Mobility
  • Simple Adjustment for Labelling Applicator
  • Rigid Machine Base
  • Side / Top Pressure Device
  • Pressure Roller Device

Round bottle labelling machines may be used to label any type of round or cylinder container such as round glass bottles, round cans, round jars, round plastic bottles, and more. The machine is easy to use and has a straightforward design. The machine manufactured by Inpak is highly reliable and has high precision in performance.

The round bottle labelling machine is widely used to label a variety of drinks, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is easy to use and maintain for its users. The machine features a strong, manageable design. Modern microprocessor controls the dependable motor of this type. The Round Bottle Labelling Machine can rapidly and correctly operate the controller and labelling head in order to move the labels. The user just needs to utilise brief periods to run the new technology, which is very much easy to use.

Depending on the items and label size, it has a 30-metre-per-minute labelling capacity. The device is used to fully or partially wrap labels around various-sized spherical containers. Oval, round, cuboid, rectangle, cylinder, tapered cylinder, medical labelling, tamper-evident labelling, and tapered cylinder are some examples of labelling shapes. These round labelling machines are widely used in pharmaceutical products, honey, edible oils, hair oils, shampoo, phenol, fruit juice, cosmetics, talc, bleach, herbal, and ayurvedic powders, wine, liquor, dental products, hand washes, dish washes, hand sanitisers, cosmetic lotions, and hair washes, among other products.

Being a part of the production industry is never going to be simple. You must adhere to a specific process, which includes product labelling, whether you work in the food or cosmetics industries or any other industrial sector. Because it identifies the product, labelling is a crucial step. There is a lot of information about the product on the name tag. Labelling provides information on the product and any ingredients or components used in its manufacture. Therefore our Round Bottle Labelling Machine will definitely come in handy for the people in the production business. Just like a round bottle labelling machine, the flat labelling machine is used to label the cans or bottles which has a flat surface. The flat label machine is perfect for both the front and the back flat surface of the bottle.

In the production industry, a wide variety of other industrial machines also has major importance. Inpak solution is a renowned manufacturer of other machines such as Reel Wrapping Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, automatic capping machine, etc. Even if these machines are not fully automated, the machines greatly reduce the production time of the products.

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