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Inpak Vacuum Pack is a highly efficient two-chambered packer made of stainless steel, that features Modified Atmosphere PAcking (MAP) system, thermal film cutting system and soft air-locking. The construction was designed considering hygiene and safety aspects.Flat work surface, and removable sealing boards makes it easy to keep the machine clean. Efficient vacuum pump, and two-chambered construction allows to get optimal packing speed. The cover moves between chambers alternatively on arms supported with special spring system. The machine is equipped with pneumatic press of sealing process. PP25 is also equipped with wheel brakes to prevent unintentional move and removable alinging regulator allowing for leveling the machine

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Machine size lid closed (W X L X H):550 X 550 X 100mm (21′ X 21′ X 4′)
Chamber Size (W X L X H):500 X 500 X 90mm (10.4′ x 13.8′ X 3.5’X)
Sealing bar length:500 mm(19.6′)
Vacuum Pump:6 ㎥/h
Vacuum Control:Depending on the duration selected (in second) and Pressure gauge
Pump maintenance program:yes : 30-min program
Cleaning & Maintenance:Removable sealing bar(snap-on) for easy cleaning
Electrical Supply:Single-phase 230V – 50/60 Hz
Dimension (W x L x H):650 X 650 X 800 mm
Weight:120 kg – 264 lbs
Optionals:Gas flushing / seal width


The vacuum packing machine manufactured by Inpak solutions is a two-chambered, extremely effective packer with a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology, a thermal film-cutting mechanism, and soft air-locking. On arms supported by a unique spring system, the lid alternately travels between chambers. For the purpose of sealing, the device has a pneumatic press. The PP25 also incorporates replaceable levelling regulators for the machine. It also consists of wheel brakes to prevent any unwanted or unnecessary movement. 

Proper Safety and hygienic considerations were taken into consideration for the manufacturing of the machine. The weight of the vacuum packing machine is 120kg or 264 lbs. With the help of this vacuum packing machine, you can extend the shelf life of food products, avoid freezer burn, and decrease food waste in your industry by removing air from precisely shaped bags and heat sealing them. Stainless steel is used to make the vacuum packaging machine. In accordance with food safety and hygiene standards, mould is composed of stainless steel. Vacuum control is offered for the machine based on the specified duration (in seconds) and pressure gauge. Since it features a detachable sealing bar(snap-on), the machine is quite simple to clean and maintain. It is simple to maintain the machine clean thanks to its flat work surfaces and detachable sealing boards.  Using a vacuum packing machine, the product is placed in a film bag, which is then de-aerated in a vacuum chamber before being sealed. It enhances the presentation impact and avoids product discolouration. 

Inpak solution offers vacuum packing machines with gas flushing options to prevent the crushing of any food product. When you vacuum seal your food, its shelf life is significantly increased. Food that is vacuum sealed is preserved for 3 to 5 times longer than food that is stored in plastic bags or containers. Depending on whether you are storing food in the pantry, freezer, or refrigerator, you will get a different answer as to how long food will stay fresh after vacuum sealing.

The vacuum machines for packing are heavy-duty machines that are highly durable and efficient and can be used for industrial purposes. Inpak also provides options for vacuum packing machines with a single chamber. Single chamber vacuum sealing machines have just one chamber for sealing objects, as the name implies. But both the single and double devices operate on much the same principles. Low to medium-volume packing is better suited to single-chamber machines.

There are other machines that can be highly useful for all industrial purposes. Inpak solutions provide the customer with a single destination to shop for all the essential industrial machines.

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