Rice packing machine


Rice Weighing Packing Machine Bagging System, bagging machine Double weighing hopper design, greatly improve the speed of packing. Include Packing Scale Body, Sewing Machine and 4.0m Auto Lifting Conveyor Auto Weighing, Filling, Sewing and thread cutting, High Accuracy and Stable ability, High-precision controller easy operate, Automatic error correction Auto alarm for over and under tolerance, fault auto diagnosis One key recovery function, press the reset key back to the default parameters The super filter function of anti-vibration, anti-interference, ensure weighing process stable and accurate Reserve RS232/485 interface

    Rice, Paddy, Seeds, Wheat, Sugar, Coffee Beans, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds. Fertilizer, Plastic Pellets , Chemical materials, etc.

    Type of fillingGravimetric
    Material feeding systemManual or Optional Automatic Elevator ( Geared Motor with encoder)
    Filling Motor driveGravimetric – ( Op-Induction motor with encoder – Bonfiglioli geared motors)
    Weighing MethodLoad Cell Based Weigh metric
    Filling MethodCoarse / Fine / Super Fine (Optional)
    Bag materialRice Bags( PP/Jute/Non Oven/Paper)
    Weighing range5Kgs – 25 Kgs
    Accuracy+/- 03 TO 1%
    Weighing system interfaceDHS – Digital high speed interface
    Weighing technologyGross & Net Weighing
    Belt width in feed /out feed conveyorOptional, various sizes on request
    Filling materialAny free flow material
    Filling speed8-12 Bags per min
    Air consumption Operating PressureMax -8Bar /14Cfm-40NL/min(Customer Scope)
    Power supply (Load)3ph/415v/50hz (Max -3.0kw)
    Dimension (L*W*H)Approx – 4200*1200*3600mm
    Net weightApprox 1200Kg
    • Fast and simple bag size changeover
    • Automatic clamp and release the bags.
    • Imported technology weighing controller, Load cell , pneumatic actuator components.
    • Equipped with high-precision AC power supply to ensure stable and reliable working.
    • Reserved RS232/485 serial port can be used with the external management system for data. communications.
    • Completely integrated scale control system
    • Programmable logic controller (PLC) with user-friendly, touch-sensitive operator interface for easy troubleshooting and error code reading
    • Multiple-stack bag magazine for great operating autonomy and fast reloading


    • Variety of optional volume measuring devices to suit your application needs
    • Single or dual spout
    • Double-walled, dust-tight spout
    • Fully automated changeover
    • Bag kicker
    • Bag closing systems
    • Integrated laser coder (on empty bags)


    A rice packing machine is a machine used in food packaging to measure, fill, and package rice into bags, containers, or other types of packaging. It can typically handle different grain sizes and types of rice and has various features such as accuracy in weight, speed, and the ability to be adjusted for different packaging sizes.  One of the key benefits of a food-packing machine is that it is extremely accurate and requires less time than manual labour.  


    The machine has a 5 kg to 25 kg weight range. Both its accuracy and stability are quite excellent. It has a user-friendly high-precision operator. Over and under-tolerance are alerted by an auto alarm, and the problems may be identified. Simply hit the reset button to restore the system to its factory default settings. The anti-vibration and anti-interference super-filter feature guarantee the stability and accuracy of the weighing operation. The machine consists of a packing scale body, a sewing machine, and a 4.0-m-long auto-lift conveyor. In a minute, eight to twelve bags of rice may be filled. The machine weighs 1200 kg in total. The storage hopper holds the rice before it is weighed and dispensed into the packaging bags or containers. The hopper has a large capacity, allowing it to store a sufficient quantity of rice to continuously feed the machine without the need for frequent refills. It is made up of stainless steel to ensure that the rice is stored in a hygienic and contamination-free environment. It is equipped with an agitator to keep the rice flowing smoothly and prevent clogging.


    The benefits of using a rice packing machine include:


    Increased efficiency: Rice packing machines can significantly increase the speed of packaging and reduce the labour required, making the process more efficient.

    Improved accuracy: The machines are equipped with precision weighing systems, which ensure accurate and consistent weight measurement, reducing the risk of over or under-packing.

    Enhanced hygiene: They have features that help maintain cleanliness, such as airtight seals, to prevent contamination and protect product quality. Because no one or outside dirt or dust comes into contact with the rice, its hygiene is preserved. 

    Consistent packaging: This machine can produce consistent packaging every time, ensuring uniformity in product presentation and making it easier to stack and store.

    Cost-effective: Rice packing machines can save on labour and packaging costs in the long run, making it a cost-effective solution for rice packaging.

    Reduced waste: It can minimise product waste and reduce the amount of packaging material required, making it more environmentally friendly.

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