Peristaltic Pump


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Model No:IP-PP-LFM -10
Filling Heads:Single Heads
No. of Channels:2 Channels
Flow Rate:0.1 to 2999.9 ml/min
Set Volume:0 to 9999 ml
Interval Time:0 to 99.9 sec.
Tubing  Wall thickness:5 to 12 mm ID, 2 to 3 mm
No. of Rollers:2
Motor:DC Stepper Motor (Cont. Duty)
Drive:Microcontroller Based Control Circuit and PWM Based DC Stepper Motor Drive
Remote ON:Potential free Digital Input
Operating System:PLC integrated MMl screen controlled system with production counter attachment for multiple filling.
Output/ Min:15 to 25 FPM Depends on the operator speed of fill volume and the natural flow of Liquid
Power Characteristics:240v 1 Phase 50Hz 3 Wire System
Input (Container Dia/ Height):8mm to 16mm Dia  / Height 70mm Max.
Filling System:Volumetric with Peristaltic Pump Based filling
Fill Range:5 to  25ml
Filling Accuracy:± 0.2 to 0.5% Filling accuracy on single-dose Depends on the nature of the Liquid.
  • Volumetric Liquid Filling system.
  • Integrated digital control with Panasonic PLC and high tech touch screen control for easy operation.
  • User-friendly operating system with self-diagnostics / solution window.
  • GMP standard stainless steel.
  • Designed for easy changeover and cleaning.
  • Memory slots for storing filling parameters for future operation.
  • Easy to install and operate, requiring minimum maintenance for maximum performance and useful life.
  • Delicate filler structure with a high-quality finish, comparable with European machines.
  • Warning light and buzz alarm on production error.
  • Volume is easily adjusted through the touch screen. The filling is controlled by a servo system.
  • Overload protection.
  • It is widely used for Liquid filling and optional perfume, Syrup, Pharma – in Jar, Can, Vial, Bottle, Tub & any Containers.
  • All contact parts SS 316 & 304.
  • A unit to fill a variety of liquids and can be used for various types of containers.
  • Minimum change over time from one size to another container or fill size.
  • Mechanical buffer design for reduced wear and redundant operation.
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