Semi-Automatic Double Head Granule Filling Machine

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  • prodAppliArea_imagesAgro Chemicals Granules
  • prodAppliArea_imagesCoffee
  • prodAppliArea_imagesGround Spices
  • prodAppliArea_imagesSeeds
  • prodAppliArea_imagesDetergent powder
  • prodAppliArea_imagesFlours
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Operating  panel:HMI / Push buttons
Operation mode:Auto and manual mode
Material feeding system:Manual
No of Heads:OneTwoThreeFour
Feeding Method:Through Linear Vibratory trays
No. of Feeding Stage:2
Weighing Range:50 gms to 1000 gms* ( limited by the volume of weighing pan)
Speed (DPM):3-8*5-14*8-20*10-32*
Weighing accuracy:0.3 – 1% *
Power Supply:3ph/415v/50hz (or) 1ph/230v/50hz (Max -1.1kw)
  • All parts are manufactured with food grade stainless steel and parts that come into contact with food (the in-feed hopper, discharge hopper, vibration plate, and weighing hopper) all meet food safety and hygiene standards.
  • The easy-to-remove structure of material-contact parts ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Program can be freely adjusted according to production condition
  • All the inputs feed by HMI display
  • A special load cell is customizable to guarantee the weighing accuracy.
  • A Electric door opening device allows for automatic opening and closing.
  • Newly integrated modular control system is used in the Two head linear weigher.
  • User-friendly control
  • With a stepless vibratory feeding mode, it allows for real-time control on material flow to ensure an accurate weighing.
  • Adopt no-grade vibrating feeding system to make products flowing more fluently;
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