Shrink Wrapping Machine

IP-SWP-60/60 HD

Inpak provides shrink tunnels that produce consistent uniform film shrink using heavy-duty, variable speed blowers and heating elements to create a recirculating air system that forces air to all package surfaces. Independant control systems regulate temperature, air velocity and conveyor speeds. The efficient heating system on each machine reduces in the shrink wrapping film in wrinkle free and perfect finish, using least of electricity, the major field is shrink wrapping mahcines for industries. Our rich experience has given us the opportunity to cover all types companies from the smallest to the really large one according their specification and we are represented in different branch if industries.

  • prodAppliArea_imagesBoxes
  • prodAppliArea_imagesJars
  • Boxes, jewels boxes, bottles,
  • Jars, metal components, stationary, can etc.
  • Flooring industries (Laminate, Cork, and solid wood).
  • Moulding industries (panels, strips and solid wood).
  • Kitchen and bathroom industries.
  • Furniture (knockdown).
  • Board industries (bench, ceiling, wall boards).
  • Door and window industries.
Model:IP-SWT-60 /60 HD
Tunnels Size (W x H) mm:600 – 600
Voltage (V/Hz):3∅ / 415V / N,PE / 50hz
Power Consumption (KW):15 kw
Coneyor Loading (Kg):60 kg
Heating Champer (L x W x H) mm:800 x 600 x 600mm
External Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):3200 x 1200 x 1900mm
Speed (m/min.):0~12
Heating Time (minutes):15
Cooling Time (minutes):12 to 20
Net Weight (Kg):900kg
  • Finz with Teflon treatment can endure high temperature without sticking.
  • Independent fully insulated chamber and Conveyor system with constant temperature makes the shrink straight, firm and beautiful.
  • Hot air circulation shrink tunnels uses stainless steel heat elements could ensure long life span and Shrink temperature and conveyor speed are adjustable.
  • Conveyor of shrink tunnel has Teflon mesh type or rod-shaped chain type for your option. Suitable for long products without limit length.
  • High level of automation could be widely used in mass production.
  • Finished products are neat, compact and suitable for storage and prolonged transport.
  • Upper centrifugal fan to ensure 360 airflow and uniform temperature distribution Positive air recycling technology for maximum energy efficiency.
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